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On Wednesday I attended a PDC event on teambuilding. The second part of a three part series, this workshop focused on differentiating a team from a group, went through the stages of team building (Form, Storm, Norm, Perform), and included an interesting discussion on the benefits and perils of generalizing behaviors by generation.

As a Gen Xer (yes. . I know) I found the characterization of my generation as callous, informal, career driven, and suspicious of authority to be just about on target :). I had always wanted to write the book ‘Everything I need to know about management I learned by watching the Breakfast Club‘ and I think that I finally have the inspiration to make that happen.

As is common with these workshops the most interesting part was the stories people told. There was an interesting discussion about the role of different communication methods (email, f2f, phone, texting, .. . ) and some group sharing about what these different methods added or subtracted from the message being communicated.

There was lots more and I have some interesting worksheets, models, graphs, and other stuff in a handout so stop by if you want to see more!