This article is more than 5 years old.

Today Giz, Lynn, Ellen D., Lauren C. and Kaeley attended an ALA Midwinter conference wrap-up. It was an interesting session to see what some of the big sessions that people attended were. Lots of content on mobile and social focused technology.

One element that got a lot of attention was the work of Jim Hahn at Illinois on his research of mobile information seeking using the iPad. This research was in sync with another trend mentioned by Emily at Duke. Emily, in commenting on a session on technology said that one key contribution of libraries was on the user experience. I thought that this was a curious focus (certainly in sync with our mission!) but definitely different from the ‘curator of resources’ focus that libraries also tend to focus on.

Emily also reported on a comment made by Monique Sendze about the hyper-personalization of our patron’s IT environment. This message really resonated with the audience and there was a follow-up discussion about the utility of committing IT resources for top-tier IT services as well as base level services.