Clearly I’m still in search of a catchy title for these posts! On Saturday at ALA, I had a chance to meet with our contact at Media Education Foundation, (MEF) Alexandra Peterson. We talked about creative solutions to market out new streaming titles from MEF. You can check out our new streaming titles from MEF here.

After a long LITA meeting to work out the details for Sunday’s Top Tech Trends, I attended a interesting program on 3D printing and makerspaces in libraries without extra space! One library described having the 3D printers on carts by the Reference desk and another library did the same thing with 3D printers on carts by the Circulation desk! In both cases users were fascinated by these printers and enjoyed seeing them in action. Users appreciated having a place to experiment with this new technology!

Sunday began with the Alexander Street Press breakfast at 7:30am, which featured a wonderful talk byPaul Rusesabagina, the humanitarian Rwandan hotel manager who hid and protected 1,268 refugees during the Rwandan Genocide. Afterwards, I checked out the exhibits hall with Rosalind and Mary Beth, and then it was time to set up and prepare to stream the LITA Top Tech Trends Program and the LITA President’s Program!

This was my second and final year on the LITA Top Tech Trends committee. After serving on the LITA program planning committee (Thanks, Susan!) and streaming the LITA Annual Forum that year, I was asked to joinTop Tech Trends and have streamed that program for the last two years. The addition of the ZSR Library’s newVidiu encoder from Teradek (Thanks Thomas and Barry!) made it possible to stream HD video on YouTube of both events. If you are interested, both the Top Tech Trends Program and the President’s Program can be see on the LITA YouTube channel. While only 14people were watching the stream live, 100 have already watched the recording! The LITA President’s Program speaker, Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code, was particularly wonderful. The story of how she came to create her non-profit was truly inspiring!

My ALA experience wrapped up on Sunday evening with the Proquest Intota launch party and a quick tour of the Las Vegas strip led by Rozas we walked and monorailed back to our hotel after the event! While it was a very productive weekend, I’m very happy to be back to my routine at ZSR!