The ZSR Library’s Professional Development blog is now Inside ZSR. We’ve modified this blog to provide a space for posts that have a greater focus on internal news and stories, and enhance the design and organization of this existing channel. If you are a dedicated reader to this blog (or would like to become one), we invite you to update the RSS feed and/or bookmark. If you are a ZSR faculty or staff member, you will receive email notifications for stories published in Inside ZSR.

Organization & Suggested Content Areas

We’ve established 3 broad categories to organize content for Inside ZSR posts:

  • Professional Development: summaries of conference participation, involvement with communities of practice and knowledge, and other professional development opportunities.
  • Under the Cupola: library-centric posts and ZSR-specific announcements, including internal memos, team or committee reports, etc.
  • Other: Anything that extends beyond the other two categories.

Bloggers are encouraged to add further definition and classification to their posts with tags. Reoccurring and frequently-used tags are available to select from a tag cloud on the WordPress editor and contributors also have the option of adding new tags.

Categories & Tags for Inside ZSR

Additional information about our blogs and guidance for contributing bloggers can be found on our Blog Style Guide. Furthermore, the ZSR Communications Committee will be hosting a ZSR Bloggers’ Workshop on Monday, Dec. 19th from 9:00-11:00 am. All active and interested ZSR bloggers are encouraged to attend. The workshop will offer a review of the ZSR Blog Style Guide, highlight recent modifications to ZSR blogs and recommended practices for blogging. Please sign up for this workshop from the PDC event.