By Meghan Webb

Inside ZSR

TILC 2023: What informs your pedagogy?

Held at William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA (check out Hu’s post on their gorgeous library space!) The Innovative Library Classroom (TILC) is a “day-long conference dedicated to the exploration of innovative practices related to teaching and learning in libraries” (source). There was a whole crew representing ZSR – Hu, Meghan, Kaeley, Morgan, and Kathy.... more

LOEX 2022

This year, the LOEX annual conference was held in Ypsilanti, MI on May 5-7. LOEX is a non-profit educational clearinghouse for library instruction and information literacy information (LOEX used to stand for Library Orientation Exchange back when library orientation sessions were considered the main instructional format, now it is just LOEX). This year’s conference theme... more

Behind the Scenes: Blind-Date-with-a-Book

Occasionally we receive questions and interest from other librarians regarding our Blind-Date-with-a-Book (BDWAB) program, so I wanted to take an opportunity to share our program model and bring attention to all of the work that happens behind the scenes for this fun event. Collecting the Books Typically, we offer two BDWAB programs during the academic... more

The Library Collective Annual Gathering

We hit the road for Knoxville, TN to attend the 5th Annual Gathering of The Library Collective on March 6th-8th. The Library Collective is 501(c)(3) organization committed to professional development and innovation for library and information professionals, and their Annual Gatherings (conferences) are known for hands-on, skill-building sessions that promote collaboration and active learning. This... more

Meghan at ASERL Spring Meeting

On May 30th-31st, I attended the ASERL (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries) Spring Membership Meeting, serving as the “student success” representative for ZSR Library. The two day meeting was a great opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the southeast and consider the role of academic libraries as it relates to student success. What follows... more

Kyle, Kathy, Meghan & Hu @ TILC (The Innovative Library Classroom)

On May 9th, Kyle, Kathy, Meghan and Hu attended the 5th annual TILC (The Innovative Library Classroom) Conference at Radford University and facilitated a session on Specifications Grading titled “Not Missing the Point(s): Meaningful New Approaches to Assessment.” Kyle at TILC Y’all, TILC is my favorite conference. It’s super small, super close, and just super... more

Amanda, Joy, Kathy & Meghan @ LOEX

This year’s LOEX Conference took place in America’s “Space City,” Houston, Texas. As is true of previous years, LOEX continues to stand out as the profession’s premier library instruction conference. Overall themes of the conference included combating fake news through information literacy and gamifying the library experience. There were 385 attendees and 68 breakout sessions.... more

Meghan at The Collective

This March I attended The Collective 2018 gathering in Knoxville, TN. This is the 4th annual Collective gathering, a relatively new non-profit professional organization that aims to “disrupt, reinvent, and redefine” the professional library conference through a model of active learning, collaboration, and practitioner-focused content. The theme for this year’s meeting was “The Library as Test... more

ZSR @ ACRL 2017

The five ZSR Librarians who attended ACRL 2017 have created this joint blog post where we each list our top takeaways! The post is long, but worth the read! We hope you enjoy this streamlined approach. Roz I always find ACRL to be the best of all conferences I attend. The smaller scale and focus... more

Carolyn, Meghan, and Steve at LAUNC-CH

On Monday, March 13th, Carolyn, Meghan and Steve drove to Chapel Hill to attend the one-day LAUNC-CH Conference. Steve was able to borrow the good car from Mimi, so they rode in relative comfort. The theme of the 2017 conference was “Human Centered Libraries: Crafting Value and Relevance,” and most of the presentations hewed pretty... more