We’re making a push to finish up one of our first big tasks in the Alma migration. Our integrations spreadsheet is due in to Ex Libris this week, and I wanted to thank the many people who have contributed to filling it in.

This is essentially a complicated menu of features involving Alma’s communication with the rest of the world. For each one, we’re answering whether we need it on Day One, sometime not too long after Day One, or not for the foreseeable future.

Which would all be pretty easy to answer—if we were already using Alma and knew all the work flows and insider jargon. As it is, it’s kind of like being teleported to a restaurant in Scotland and trying to order sensibly. We know most of the words, and some of the options are familiar (smoked salmon), while some are new but we know how we feel about them (haggis). But some are just foreign unknowns: Do we want an order of cullen skink? Finnan haddie? Bannocks?

So there have been understandable frustrations simply translating back into Voyager-speak to make informed choices. But we are getting there. And this really will help smooth the implementation process starting in January.

My thanks to everyone who has contributed to this part of the project.