By Thomas Dowling

Inside ZSR

TPD @ C4L in A2

TPD @ C4L Last week, I traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Code4Lib conference. Code4Lib is a loosely organized group of coders, hackers, and a merry band of the tech-savvy and tech-interested from around Library Land. I started with a tour of U-M’s Shapiro and Hatcher libraries. In my time there, the Shapiro was... more

Thomas @ ALA 2023

Chicago. Hog Butcher for the Library World. Conference City of the Big Shoulders… By my count, this is the eleventh time I have attended ALA in Chicago. I’ve been there when there was a record-breaking blizzard, I’ve been there when the heat index was over 100, I’ve been there when Grant Park was given over... more

Thomas at the AWS Carolinas Library Summit

Thomas at the AWS Carolinas Library Summit On March 23, 2023, I attended a meeting held at the Atkins Library, UNCC, hosted by Amazon Web Services. AWS has been making a conscious push into higher ed in the last few years, and they wanted to showcase a couple of library-oriented projects in the region and... more

Changes to EZProxy Links

Links to the old EZProxy host will break starting Jan 10, 2023. Read for details on what this means and how to avoid problems. more

Thomas at Core Forum

Core Forum was back in October – surely I remembered to file my report! A couple weeks ago – okay, seven weeks ago – I attended my first in-person conference since the Before Times, with airplanes and a hotel room and the whole shebang. This was the first (non-virtual) Core Forum, held in Salt Lake City. I attended its... more

Thomas “at” “ALA”

I would not, could not from my room / I would not, could not via Zoom / I do not like to meet this way / I do not like it, ALA Oh, for the humidity of Orlando and the thunderstorms of New Orleans! Oh, for the miles of walking in San Francisco, the tedious... more

Happy World Password Day!

It’s the first Thursday in May, and that makes it World Password Day! Here are some fun ways to celebrate: Check your email address at Have I Been Pwned. If you’ve got an account on a site that has been hacked (and you probably do), this will tell you about it. Change a couple of... more

Thomas @ Code4Lib

This week I attended Code4Lib 2021 from my basement. This is my first virtual, multi-day conference, and I have to say I’m not a big fan. This makes me realize how important it is [for me] to go to a different physical space for a conference and do nothing but attend that conference. You want... more

Alma/Primo Migration Update, Feb. 28

What’s Past Is Prologue A quick catch-up on the Alma/Primo migration, for those of you who aren’t hip-deep in it every day. February marked the end of our onboarding process and the start of our implementation process. In other words, we are done getting ready to get ready, and now we are getting ready. As... more


TPD @ CNI: I Am Big Data and So Can You! Back on the train this year. I tried to fly to DC last year and the weather gods weren’t having it (yes, I caused the 2018 Snowtastrophe – sorry, WTL committee). The CNI fall meeting continues to be the best three-day library tech conference... more