What’s Past Is Prologue

A quick catch-up on the Alma/Primo migration, for those of you who aren’t hip-deep in it every day.

February marked the end of our onboarding process and the start of our implementation process. In other words, we are done getting ready to get ready, and now we are getting ready. As I write this, multiple people in all three libraries are working on the configuration form that Ex Libris will use as a master template to set up our Alma instance. That involves pulling data out of Voyager starting this weekend, so that we can test Alma with our own bib and acquisitions records (a fresh set of Voyager data will get pulled again just before we go live in July).

Here are some Important Dates You Should Know:

  • March 19: Our test data from Voyager will be loaded into Alma. This is the start of a two-week window in which we need to identify load problems. You may already have assigned records or record types to look at. Expect a broader call for participation: we will want a lot of eyes looking for data issues.
  • March 30: We get our first look at the Primo interface working with our records. This is when we can start fine-tuning the public front end our patrons will use.
  • Mid-April: We will send out a round of communications to faculty with details on the migration. We anticipate this will include access to Primo (with appropriate caveats about using software we’re still tweaking), available information about how any library services might be affected, and a reminder that we’ll be offering multiple training opportunities in August and September.
  • Mid-April: We will start testing loads of patron data into Alma.
  • May 12-14: Onsite training workshops with Ex Libris staff. If you currently work with Voyager at all, there will probably be sessions you should attend. If you aren’t sure, please check with your supervisor. We really want people to have the chance to work with Ex Libris trainers as needed, and this is our one opportunity before going live.
  • July 3: Ex Libris will freeze technical services on Voyager. This date has been revised. Pushing it back after July 1 will allow us to finish the 2020 fiscal year in Voyager and then move data to Alma.
  • July 19: Voyager circulation ends and we begin offline Alma circulation.
  • July 22: We go live with Alma. QED, PDQ, and simple as ABC. Note that this date has also been revised to reflect pushing back the tech services freeze.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask me, Lauren, or Jess.