Course Integrated Instruction

About Course Integrated Instruction

Librarians provide hands-on information literacy instruction to academic courses throughout the curriculum. To schedule an instruction session with one of our librarians, please fill out our instruction request form. Courses we often collaborate with include:

First Year Seminar

Each First Year Seminar (FYS) is assigned to a liaison librarian. The liaison’s role is to partner with faculty to incorporate information literacy into the seminar. The liaison can teach information literacy sessions tailored to the course’s assignments, offer research consultations with students outside of class, obtain library materials that support the course, and provide tips and assistance for designing effective research assignments.

First Year Writing

The Writing Studies liaison partners with faculty to offer curriculum-integrated research instruction. Typical instruction sessions introduce students to library resources and┬áservices, tailor library instruction to academic research assignments, and develop students’ critical inquiry in the context of information. Research instruction may also explore the conventions of various discourse communities, and invite students to reflect on their roles and responsibilities as participants in these communities

Discipline-Specific Instruction

Librarians work with a variety of undergraduate and graduate classes to offer discipline-specific research and information literacy instruction. This instruction is tailored to the specific needs of the course. To arrange for discipline-specific instruction, please fill out our instruction request form. A liaison librarian will be in touch with you soon.