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10 Ways to Get Your Citation Game on Point with Zotero

Zotero is an amazing free tool for helping you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Think of it as EasyBib on steroids. We at ZSR absolutely LOVE Zotero, so much so that we offer Zotero workshops all the time. Here are ten ways you can use Zotero to help you research like a... Continue reading “10 Ways to Get Your Citation Game on Point with Zotero”

What our Users are Saying About: Personal Research Sessions

The ZSR Research and Instruction Team is embarking on some regular assessments of our services in and we have just gotten back results from a survey we did of the students who requested one-on-one meetings with librarians through our Personal Research Session request form during the spring 2015 semester. This is one of the primary... Continue reading “What our Users are Saying About: Personal Research Sessions”

Search tip #23: Truncation!

Raise your hand if you’ve been here before: stuck in a library database, wondering why your search for articles about something like the role of computers in childhood development isn’t returning any really good results. Your search might look like this: computers childhood development Seems like a good search, right? Here’s the thing, though: if... Continue reading “Search tip #23: Truncation!”

Instruction at ZSR

One of the things that is challenging when someone leaves an organization is the loss of institutional memory. For that reason, I’m leaving this post, to remind you of all the many instructional resources you have available to support your teaching: Instruction website: This page has information about the program we offer–in person instruction, self... Continue reading “Instruction at ZSR”

Got Questions? Get Answers. Ask.

This fall the Z. Smith Reynolds Library is unveiling it’s new reference service: answers.zsr.wfu.edu! This website will enable you to get in touch with our friendly librarians in a number of ways: Across the top, you will find a bar that allows you to search our FAQ database. If you have a question that’s fairly... Continue reading “Got Questions? Get Answers. Ask.”

Search Tip #15: Quotation Marks!

Have you been there before, looking for that exact phrase, and finding related articles, but not the perfect one you know is there? We’ve all been there. And we know a lot of you have been there, too. In a recent usability study of our website, we found that many of our users either didn’t... Continue reading “Search Tip #15: Quotation Marks!”

LIB100 Template

Those directly involved with LIB100 are very familiar with our recent transition to a 1.5 credit hour course and the template that has been developing over the summer. However, I realize not everyone is so intimately involved, and wanted to let you know about the mammoth project conducted in the instruction unit this summer. Joy... Continue reading “LIB100 Template”

Search Tip #7: Ctrl+F

The scene: you, doing your research, scanning a long article online, searching for a specific word. You scroll up and down, back and forth, looking for that word, but no luck. Guess what? No longer do you need to waste your time trying to find that word hidden among all those other words in that... Continue reading “Search Tip #7: Ctrl+F”

Amazing Instruction Stats

If the folks in Research and Instruction have looked a bit like deer caught in headlights this semester there is good reason. Our statistics are through the roof for both library instruction ‘one shot’ classes as well as one-on-one personal research sessions. So far this semester we have taught 124 one-shot library instruction sessions to... Continue reading “Amazing Instruction Stats”

Toolkit Day!

As the Toolkit continues to grow and have more applications, Kevin and I are taking a day to focus some energy on getting it in tip-top shape for the new school year. For new folks to ZSR: the Toolkit is a service we provide to allow users to find help they need through our website.... Continue reading “Toolkit Day!”