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Archives Week Exhibit

Archives Week 2012 is October 22-28 and Special Collections student, Brittany Newberry has designed an exhibit to celebrate this event. Archives Week is an annual, week-long observance of the agencies and people responsible for maintaining and making available the archival and historical records of our nation, state, communities and people. The events are a celebration of the work that we and our organizations do, but it is also a time to raise public awareness. By holding exhibit openings, workshops, lectures, open houses, and other related events during Archives Week, North Carolina’s archives community can make a concerted effort to bring the importance of our profession to our state’s citizenry and public leaders.

The theme for Archives Week 2012 is “Journeys to Justice: Civil Rights in North Carolina”. The exhibit has images from underrepresented groups at Wake Forest currently and from the past. Archives Week is sponsored by the Society of North Carolina Archivists which encourages individuals and groups to hold events to promote the theme of each year. To this end, ZSR will be hosting a Documenting Diversity Kickoff Event on Thursday, October 25 at 4 pm in the Special Collections and Archives Reading Room in ZSR Library. We encourage submissions from groups underrepresented in the Archives, such as WFU’s ethnic minorities, LGBTQ, and international communities. We want to identify, locate, secure, and make accessible these important and at-risk historical records. Please attend this event if you can, and come by ZSR to see the Archives Week exhibit.