Carl Hein and the Chandler & Price press

Donor Carl Hein with the 1906 letterpress and cabinets of type.

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library recently received a gift of a complete print shop. The equipment came from a Winston-Salem citizen, Carl Hein, who spent his entire working life in printing and packaging. He retired eleven years ago as the President of RJR Packaging. Mr. Hein began running his own printing company while attending Carnegie Mellon University in the 1950s. The printing equipment has remained in his family for 60 years.

The equipment includes a 1906 Chandler & Price letterpress, an 1892 Peerless Gem paper cutter, five cabinets of lead type and all the tools needed for setting and printing type. Stop by the Preservation office for a firsthand look at this equipment. If you have an idea for using the press for class projects, contact Craig Fansler.