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The Thomas K. Hearn, Jr. Collection Finding Aid, Part Deux

We are happy to announce that the processing of the Dr. Thomas K. Hearn, Jr.  collection and finding aid are now complete.    An intern for Special Collections, Mary Ann Ramsey,  began the processing of the materials a few years ago, and did a through job with a sizable part of the collection.  I picked up the processing last year and completed it after several “rogue” boxes were discovered, which caused it to take longer than originally anticipated.  Now that all of the materials have been organized,  the first and second parts make a complete collection that tells the story of Wake Forest from 1983 until 2005.   The materials in the collection reflect Dr. Hearn’s time at Wake Forest as President of the university as well as after his retirement in 2005.  Dr. Hearn presided over the school during times of great change and growth, which can be seen in the correspondence, speeches and articles that are part of this collection.  His legacy of service to Wake Forest and the community is preserved in the archives and will be a wonderful resource for researchers.

See the new, completed finding aid here: Thomas K. Hearn, Jr. papers

4 Comments on ’The Thomas K. Hearn, Jr. Collection Finding Aid, Part Deux‘

  1. Rebecca

    Wonderful! This is such an important part of the University Archives it is exciting for others to be able to browse the finding aid. Great job Vicki:)

  2. Susan

    the finding aid looks great, good to see it all set!

  3. Mary Beth

    This is a great deal of rich content. Congratulations on finishing it!

  4. Lynn Sutton

    Great! This will be a very helpful resource.