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Archives and primary resources are more important than ever for historical research and instruction. But key to utilizing these unique resources is locating the repository where they are located, in order to visit or to access digitized content online. As many institutions have limited resources for caring and preserving collections and records, many archives rely on collection development policies which then guide their work with donors and the collecting of materials. Collecting in particular areas also allows archives repositories to attract additional donations which allows for the growth of strengths in topical areas. This certainly makes it easier for visiting researchers, who may be focusing on a particular subject.

ArchiveGrid is a tool which researchers can use to great advantage. This database contains over 4 million records representing over 1,000 archival institutions and enables users to review primary sources held in archives, libraries, museums, and historical societies.

Using tools such as these is an important part of any research agenda. If you would like to learn more about locating archives material for a project, whether here at Wake Forest or elsewhere, please contact us at and we will be glad to assist you.