In 2013, Special Collections & Archives began an oral history program to more fully capture the varied experiences of the Wake Forest community. The goals are:

  • To better document those who have been traditionally underrepresented
  • To capture unique perspectives across the Wake Forest community
  • To fully engage the participants as part of Wake Forest history

So far, 17 audio and video interviews have been conducted with individuals including Chaplain Tim Auman, Diversity Officer Barbee Oakes and Professor of Divinity Bill Leonard. Although we are still working on making the interviews and transcripts fully available to researchers, the first 13 video interviews are now available for viewing.

In 2016, Special Collections & Archives will focus on adding other interviews from the Rising Voices: A Wake Forest LGBTQIA Alumni Conference held last October and from staff and students involved with the Center for Global Programs and Studies. We will continue to interview students, staff, faculty and alumni to expand our understanding of the Wake Forest experience.

Originally published October 23, 2015 at 4:50pm