This article is more than 5 years old.

If you have recently visited our Digital Collections, chances are that you noticed our newly designed homepage. With a growing collection of over 56,000 items to explore, we anticipate the redesign to enhance navigation of the site for researchers.

The redesign was implemented through collaboration with our Digitization Committee and Kevin Gilbertson, ZSR’s web services librarian. Kevin worked behind the scenes to build the new page based on our specifications and ongoing feedback. The outcome is a fresh homepage with a new interface and features.


The new layout features four main sections.

1. Featured Collections

Featured Collections provides access to the newest and most utilized collections.

2. All Collections

All Collections is for visitors who wish to browse through our complete list of collections.

3. Search Our Collections

Search can be used to perform a federated search of materials within our digital collections that are internally hosted.

4. Popular Items, Recent Editions, and From Our Blog

The three components in this section reveal items within our digital collections that are most viewed and the newest items uploaded, as well as the most recent blog posts pertaining to our Digital Collections.

Further Refinements

  • The top of the page includes jump links (“Search”, “Browse”, and “Explore”) to key sections of the homepage.
  • Over the title of each collection is a resized, higher resolution thumbnail image to visually heighten the browsing experience.
  • Some of our individual collections are hosted on external sites, such as Howler Yearbooks. In the previous homepage design, these types of collections were placed in a separate section titled “Additional Collections”. Now, both internal and externally hosted collections are grouped together within the “All Collections” section.

Please visit our homepage often for new collections. This month we added the Wake Forest Birthplace Photograph Collection, featuring images pertaining to people, places and events related to the original Wake Forest campus in Wake Forest, NC.