As part of our ongoing series “Hop Into History” Special Collections & Archives will be holding a pop-up exhibit at Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company on Tuesday, February 13th from 5-6:30. This month’s theme is “Black History Month.” ZSR’s Special Collections & Archives, along with WSSU’s University Archives, will bring along materials from our collections that highlight this theme.

What is “Hop Into History” you ask? The idea started with Erin Lawrimore at UNCG, and is a way to get out of the archives and engage with the community. ZSR’s participation began about a year and a half ago at Gibbs Hundred Brewing in Greensboro. About once a month, local archivists would choose a theme and host a “pop-up” exhibit in the brewery to interact with patrons and bring in interested parties. At the Greensboro “Hops” we collaborated with UNCG, Elon, and Greensboro College.

Hop Into History- October 2016

Above is from our first “Hop Into History: Halloween Edition” at Gibbs Hundred in Greensboro.

This past Spring, I decided to take the idea back home to Winston-Salem and collaborate with Tom Flynn, the archivist at Winston-Salem State University. We have had great success with the local “Hops” at Hoots, and plan on continuing hosting them on the second Tuesday of the month going forward.

Join us! Hop Into History is for everyone! We will have coloring pages, buttons, and history. You can grab a drink, chat about history, and enjoy your local brewery. Follow us on social media for updates: Twitter | Facebook | Flickr | Instagram | Tumblr

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Hop into history

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