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Title: Irish Authors and Irish Printers at Wake Forest
Presenters: Megan Mulder, Special Collections Librarian; and Dr. Jefferson Holdridge, Professor of English Literature and Director of the Wake Forest University Press
Did you know that Wake Forest is a center for Irish studies in the United States? ZSR Library holds the archives of the Dolmen Press, the most important publisher of Irish literature in the 20th century, as well as extensive collections of material by W. B. Yeats, Kathleen Raine, and many other Irish authors. And Wake Forest University Press is the premier publisher of contemporary Irish poetry in North America. What is the history of these collections, and why does Wake Forest have such strong ties to the Irish literary world? Join Rare Books Curator Megan Mulder and Director of the WFU Press Dr. Jeff Holdridge to learn more about our Irish connections.