Full Text Options

If you have been searching in the databases offered through the WFU Libraries, perhaps you have noticed the WFU Full Text Options link. This old gold button links to a comprehensive list of print and electronic options available for the item you’re seeking.

WFU Full Text Options provide the best and easiest access to full-text content. More articles are available with fewer clicks required to access these articles. However, due to the complexities involved with OpenURL services such as this, there will inevitably be glitches. If you spot an error in WFU Full Text Options, please use the “Report an Error” feature so we can try to fix the issue.

When searching for monographs, please keep in mind that WFU Full Text Options is most reliable when searching by ISBN.

If ZSR does not have the item you are looking for, you can also use WFU Full Text Options to pre-populate an Interlibrary Loan form.

More Options

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