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ZSR and the 2016 Oscars!

It’s that time again!  The 88th Academy Awards (or Oscars) will be presented at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, February 28 on ABC.  However, ZSR has several movies that were nominated this year in our collection right now! Presented for your consideration below are the films that are currently available as well as the categories for which they... Continue reading “ZSR and the 2016 Oscars!”

AccessScience & AccessMedicine

Are you studying for final exams on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Environmental Science, etc.? Are you looking for more authoritative background information than Wikipedia to help you study? AccessScience is a high quality science information resource edited by over 9,000 scientists including Nobel Prize Laureates. AccessScience database contains “more than 8,500 articles and Research Reviews... Continue reading “AccessScience & AccessMedicine”

Streaming Video @ ZSR

With the number of streaming media resources available at ZSR growing dramatically in recent years, some of our users may not be familiar with all the amazing new streaming options! For example, we now subscribe to Kanopy Video, a distributor of educational videos for online viewing, and content available across multiple subject areas, including 369 videos... Continue reading “Streaming Video @ ZSR”

North American Women’s Letters and Diaries

Do you have a looming research paper that requires the use of primary sources?  Are you interested in an approach that would reflect women’s personal thoughts on larger events and issues, or simply their daily lives, families, and circles of friends?  In the past, it could be difficult to track down women’s personal writings, such... Continue reading “North American Women’s Letters and Diaries”

Prepare for Your Semester Abroad with Pronunciator and Global Road Warrior!

The countdown has begun. Your destination is set, your passport is up-to-date, your bags are packed (well, almost) – you are ready for your study abroad experience! Let ZSR help prepare you for your semester abroad before you even leave campus with Pronunciator and Global Road Warrior! One of the best pieces of advice for... Continue reading “Prepare for Your Semester Abroad with Pronunciator and Global Road Warrior!”

Resource Review: Browzine Web

Browzine Web brings web browser access to the popular Browzine App available on iOS and Android devices. For the past two years, Browzine has allowed smartphone and tablet users to browse recent issues of scholarly journal, much like browsing a print journal. Now, Browzine Web is available on your computer! Access BrowZine Web from your... Continue reading “Resource Review: Browzine Web”

Resource Review: Smithsonian Global Sound

Resource Review highlights ZSR Library resources and offers insider tips and best practices for their use. This month’s featured resource is Smithsonian Global Sound, presented by Leslie McCall, our Cataloging Librarian and music specialist. Smithsonian Global Sound is an online database of audio resources from the collections of the Smithsonian and other archives around the world.  The core collection... Continue reading “Resource Review: Smithsonian Global Sound”

ZSR and the 2015 Oscars!

The 87th Academy Awards ceremony will be telecast on Sunday, February 22, and several of the nominated films are in ZSR’s Media Collection! Here’s a list of those films that are currently available as well as the categories in which they received a nomination. Boyhood – DVD 13162 Best Picture- Richard Linklater, Cathleen Sutherland Best... Continue reading “ZSR and the 2015 Oscars!”

Books that go bump in the night: Recommended horrors, thrillers & ghost stories

Halloween is close upon us, and this season of ghosts and ghouls offers the perfect opportunity to curl up with a scary story. The following horrors, thrillers & ghost stories are recommended from ZSR Librarians and staff members, and are guaranteed to send chills up your spine: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson... Continue reading “Books that go bump in the night: Recommended horrors, thrillers & ghost stories”

Summer Reading 2014

As you look for reading materials for your summer adventures, here are 10 fiction and 10 non-fiction books that have been showing up on summer reading lists! Fiction The Snow Queen: A heartbroken man turns to religion after seeing a vision in the sky above Central Park while his musician brother takes drugs he thinks... Continue reading “Summer Reading 2014”