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After lunch I went to the exhibit hall with three main goals: to talk with Syndetic Solutions, to stop and say “hey” to Bill Kane and to find some free chocolates to satisfy my sweet tooth! I am pleased to report I met all three goals.

Syndetic was the toughest. I could not see them listed on the vendor list. I put on my librarian’s hat, found the Internet Cafe and did a bit of research to discover they are owed by Bowker. Whew, hard to keep all that vendor consolidation straight. Chris, the regional sale rep from Charlotte, gave me a demo of some of the sites using the product. Take a look at Purdue’s implementation. They are a Voyager site so the look is probably more similar to what we could expect than some of the others he showed me. If you search for “48 laws of power” as a title keyword, you should see a result with cover art. Go into the individual record and find the link to additional information to see the enriched content. The data is all stored on the host server, libraries simply link to the data they have subscribed to receive.

If we would like, we can try the service out with a two week trial. Erik and I will canvas you all once we both get back in the library next week.