During January 2007

Open Repositories 2007 – Friday Morning

This morning sees the conclusion of icor2007 & begins with presentations on application profiles, repository interoperability, and OSA models. The final Keynote session revisited the ideas introduced in the SPARC discussion touching on future directions in scholarly communication and implications for open/closed publishing models. Perhaps more to come later. . . more

Scholarly Publishing – Thursday afternoon at Open Repositories

While Thursday afternoon included a number of interesting sessions, two in particular stood out for me because they emphasized the Open Access and Scholarly Publishing movements. . . . The first came from Eric Larson at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Eric works with the Office of Scholarly Communication & Publishing. He demonstrated some... more

Institute of Texan Cultures

It is worth pointing out that today finally saw sunny skies & 60+ degree weather. During lunch I headed down to the Institute of Texan Cultures – (Great virtual tour here) which was launched during the 1968 Worlds Fair. The key feature of the museum is a 360 degree dome movie presentation that has to... more

Open Repositories 2007 – Emerging themes & Thursday

Yesterday during the opening keynote, Dr. James Hilton touched on a number of familiar themes from the recently released report on Software and Collaboration in Higher Education. It was interesting to hear him discuss the differing approaches to developing and supporting open source software in general and the implications that that structure has on the... more

Open Repositories 2007 – Wednesday

More rain this morning. . .cold rain & lots of it (The AAA book talked about the dry warm conditions in TX!) The conference kicks off again today with more user group sessions. I’m hoping to skip around a bit this morning to catch up on new Dspace releases & find out where Fedora is... more

Sarah at ALA Midwinter

ALA Midwinter was very busy, but productive. I’m Co-Chair of the ACRL Science & Technology Section (STS) Research Committee, and we met on Saturday to go over poster proposals for the upcoming poster session at ALA Annual in Washington, DC. The topic of the poster session is very interesting: institutional repositories of non-textual information (i.e.,... more

Open Repositories 2007 User sessions report – Tuesday

As I trundled across Hemisfair park this morning the promised rain began to fall so I was very happy when I found the Rivercenter & got inside. The first two days of Open Repositories is comprised of presentations from users of Dspace, Fedora, and E-prints – three of the largest open source digital library systems... more

So Long Seattle from Lynn

I see Erik is already starting the next iteration of this blog from San Antonio, so I will keep this brief. I judge this to be a successful Midwinter. Seattle is nearly ideal as a Midwinter site, with all the hotels in walking distance of the Convention Center, the weather consistently over freezing, and plenty... more

2007 Open Repositories Conference

Good morning from San Antonio! The Openrepositories conference kicks off this morning with user sessions on Dspace, Fedora, and Eprints. I am looking forward to hearing from the user communities on these applications. As I got into town yesterday I decided to try the public transit system and had an excellent tour from the airport... more

Monday, Monday with Lynn

My first appointment was not until 11:00 so I spent the morning catching up on email. Then I met my former colleague from Wayne State, Bob Holley, for an early lunch. Bob and I were both at Wayne for many years and held a variety of positions. At one point, he was Interim Dean and... more