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In the afternoon we broke up into 8 groups and brainstormed blue sky elements. Some of the key ideas that came out of the discussion were:

  • Decide what OLE is about – being an inventory system or adiscovery on teh web system
  • Powerful, automatable staff clients
  • Web localization – be a point of need service center, federated discovery
  • Distributed data model, self-documenting version control
  • Universal workflow ticketing module, dynamically configurable
  • Complex reporting, data manipulation, audit trail, rollback
  • License tracking and interpretation needs
  • ERMS in the ILS – format agnosticism with sophisticated functionality
  • Built-in OpenURL resolver
  • Need to better track relationships between entities (multiple hierarchies, complex business relationships)
  • The ILS as linked data
  • Should a new ILS have descriptive data in it?
  • Mesh with interoperable industry data standards
  • What impact do international users have on system design (Unicode)
  • Universal proxy control –
  • A re-examination of the core functionality that should be included in the next gen system and what should not be included.
  • A service management system that extends beyond the immediate functional needs of the ils