During December 2008

LAMS Workshop: More than Service

Renate, Mary, Ellen, Heather and Mary Beth attended the LAMS workshop entitled “More than Service…How Libraries are Transforming the Customer Experience” in Burlington, NC on December 11, 2008. This all day workshop was meant to help us learn how to put the customer experience at the center of the library’s strategies, operations, training and development... more

Blue sky topics from OLE discussion

In the afternoon we broke up into 8 groups and brainstormed blue sky elements. Some of the key ideas that came out of the discussion were: Decide what OLE is about – being an inventory system or adiscovery on teh web system Powerful, automatable staff clients Web localization – be a point of need service... more

Charleston Conference 2008

Lauren Corbett and Carol Cramer Hot topics: Weeding due to lack of space not only in the stacks but also in the storage facility (multiple people) Library workers need to focus more on adding value and meeting users needs, not just storing content (see notes from Derek Law below) Redundancy in library collections is going... more

Brainstorming list of business processes from OLE workshop

One portion of the workshop today included a categorization of course library processes and related sub-processes. The following processes were gathered from some small group work & grouped and categorized during the morning session. The key areas were: Acquire/license select, identify for acquisition, import data, manage funds, order, track, interoperate with external systems, interact with... more

Day 1: OLE Project, Durham, NC

Day 1: OLE Project, Duke University On Monday, December 15, Lauren C., Erik and Mary Beth attended the OLE Project , Open Library Environment Regional Design Workshop held at Duke University The OLE Project is funded by a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation and is meant to design an architecture for an open source... more

Forget a nextgen ILS – I want the chair

Mary Beth, Lauren, and I are at a two day workshop at Duke on the OLE project and business process modeling. More info on the experience of that workshop is coming but during the first break, we took a guided tour of the Link, Duke’s recently remodeled teaching and learning center. We saw a lot... more

ZSR Library Journal Reading Group

Last summer, ZSR Library staff started up a Journal Reading group and today was the final gathering of the fall semester. The idea was modeled along the lines of a book club, but with professional journal articles instead of books. Each month, a preselected article (chosen by a staff member) is read and then discussed... more