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I am sitting at LAX airport, waiting for my flight to Charlotte and reminiscing on ALA Anaheim. My expectations were pretty low, based mostly on the other horrid Disney/conference experiences ALA has had. I thought this one was not bad, in fact, near idyllic. The programs and meetings were the most compact I have ever seen at ALA Annual. I only had to ride the bus once! The weather was pluperfect – sunny, low 80’s, no humidity, no bugs – unlike other cold, dreary California Junes I have seen. It may have helped that I had no committees or official obligations this trip. I was free to attend the programs that interested me. What luxury! At some ALA’s I have not seen one program, being locked into committee meeting after committee meeting. Except for the lack of non-chain restaurants and non-souvenir stores, it was very, very nice. And what other convention center is lined with palm trees at the entrance?

See you all tomorrow!