During July 2008

Inside ZSR

North Carolina ILL Users’ Group Meeting

The 2008 NC ILL Users Group meeting was held at UNC-Chapel Hill on July 29. It has always been a gathering that I look forward to participating. Not only do we get to hear about the latest developments with OCLC’s products, we get to exchange information and learn what each library is doing. The meeting... more

ACRL Immersion Day 2

Yes. We had an earthquake. We felt it — a bit scary but when the locals didn’t run for the hills we figured we were ok. We are meeting in a brand new building so it has all the requisite earthquake resistance built in, but still a bit unnerving. Day two was a good one.... more

Roz at ACRL Immersion

This week I am in San Diego in one of the ACRL Immersion programs. For those unfamiliar with them, these programs are week-long immersion programs focused on various aspects of information literacy. There are four tracks. Assessment (not running this time, but focuses on how to assess student learning and program success), Program (focusing on... more

More ALA from Wanda

“Counting Opinions” (CO) is an instantaneous, continuous customer feedback system designed specifically for libraries. It provides libraries with innovative, comprehensive, cost-effective ways to measure and manage their customer satisfaction and performance data, including open-ended customer feedback, trends, benchmarks, outcomes and peer comparisons. ZSR Library has just become a beta partner for the product. Susan, Lauren... more

Leather Book Repair Workshop

A canvas roll of tools used for book repair What is the most preferred kind of leather for bookbinding? How do you quickly and easily attach loose boards to a leather volume? What adhesive is most useful for leather book repair applications? Is there an easy way to pare leather without doing it all by... more

NCSLA Web 2.0 Roundtable

The NCSLA Web 2.0 Roundtable held July 24 at the National Humanities Center at Research Triangle Park offered an informative round of musical tables. Seven roundtables covered blogs & wikis, Facebook & LinkedIn, RSS & News Feeds, Podcasting, Library Thing, SLA’s Course on 23 Things, and Del.icio.us & Flickr. Some 50-plus attendees got to choose... more

Care of Scrapbooks – Solinet Workshop

an example of an old scrapbook On Wednesday, July 16, Vicki Johnson and I attended a Solinet workshop on the care of scrapbooks. The workshop was presented by Jessica Leming of Solinet Preservation Services. This workshop covered a seldom addressed topic-the deterioration of older scrapbook collections. These scrapbooks take a variety of shapes and forms-... more

Phoebe Kao, librarian from Tianjin, China, visits Preservation

Phoebe Kao holds one of the books she made July 11-12, 2008. On July 11-12, Phoebe Kao, a librarian from Tianjin International School in Tianjin, China (about 2 hours by train from Beijing) visited Craig Fansler and ZSR Preservation for two days of book repair training. Phoebe found out about Craig and the possibility of... more

Lauren C.’s ALA Annual

One session I attended had possible practical application for us and is summarized immediately below. Following that are summaries of my committee work, which formed the main focus of the Anaheim conference for me. “Institutional Repositories: New Roles for Acquisitions” This was a panel discussion on Monday, June 30, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm, with... more

Catalog Debate at ALA

At ALA, I attended several sessions on cataloging and the future of the catalog. The liveliest session was a debate titled “There’s No Catalog Like No Catalog: The Ultimate Debate on the Future of the Library Catalog.” Below are some of the questions Roy Tennant, Senior Program Officer for OCLC Programs and Research, posed to... more