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On November 13 I traveled to Cleveland, OH to attend a seminar on a batch marc editing tool called Marceditor. This was a unique and rare opportunity for me, as the creator of the software was coming to discuss the software. Upon arriving in Cleveland, I walked in to a packed room where they were setting up more tables as people walked in as it was so well attended. The first speaker was Roman Panchyshyn, cataloging librarian associate professor from Kent State University. He discussed different snatch and grab tools for uploading batch records in order to meet the needs of our patrons faster.

The main reason when I went was to be able to hear the creator of Marceditor, Terry Reese from Oregon State University to discuss the best practices to use his software. There was also a large portion of time devoted to questions which I had quite a few before even leaving Winston-Salem. Upon arriving and getting into the training the first thing I found out was that Terry Reese was ready to release a new version of Marceditor. He then went through all the new features of the upgrade and many of my questions and frustrations were addressed with the new version. They also announced a new listserv community for support and help from those who use the program. We were then given some hands on exercises so if we ran into problems we had the expert there to help us. We were given about an hour for questions.

If you would like the handouts or more information please let me know I would be happy to pass them along.