During December 2009

NISO Webinar on ONIX-PL

On Dec. 9, 2009, Lauren C., Carol, Chris, Erik, Jean-Paul, and I viewed a webinar, sponsored by NISO, on the ONIX-PL standard. (Special thanks to Chris for his work in getting audio set up when the initial plan failed.) What is ONIX-PL? Well, I’m glad you asked! ONIX-PL is a fairly new standard for encoding... more

TRLN Instruction Group Meeting

Yesterday I went to Duke for the inaugural meeting of the TRLN Instruction Group. The TRLN is the Triangle Research Libraries Network, comprised of Duke, Central, NCSU, and UNC. However, the organizer of this meeting invited several folks from other libraries including UNCG, Guilford, and here, making it something she referred to as “TRLN Plus.”... more

Sun Webinar – DuraCloud pilot project report

Today Wanda, Barry, Molly (K), Leslie, JP, Tim, and Erik attended a webinar offered through Sun Microsystems on the DuraCloud system. The presentation included Michele Kimpton, Martin Kalfatovic, Barbara Taranto, and Peter Pinch who talked about their beta projects and included a short discussion on how libraries can participate in the DuraCloud pilot program. The... more

Women’s Leadership Institute (Finale)

I really enjoyed the Women’s Leadership Institute (and so did this pair of pelicans at Fernandina Beach). What I liked best was talking to women leaders from other professions within higher education – which was the original reason that I wanted to attend the Institute. We all work on the campus but we each have... more

Webinar on Provider Neutral eBook Records

This afternoon, Carolyn, Patty, Lauren C. and I viewed an OCLC webinar on provider neutral eBook records. Many of you are probably asking, what are provider neutral eBook records? Well, currently, catalog records for eBooks specify which provider or publisher has created a given “copy” of an eBook. If the same book is published in... more

Women’s Leadership Institute (Monday)

OK, did I mention that the Women’s Leadership Institute is being held on Amelia Island, FL? What a lovely location. The weather has not been much better than at home, but the ocean view cures many ills. This conference has a “work-life balance” subtheme to it, so the sessions have been deliberately scheduled to leave... more


On November 13 I traveled to Cleveland, OH to attend a seminar on a batch marc editing tool called Marceditor. This was a unique and rare opportunity for me, as the creator of the software was coming to discuss the software. Upon arriving in Cleveland, I walked in to a packed room where they were... more

Women’s Leadership Institute (Sunday)

Last December I was signed up to attend the Women’s Leadership Institute, co-sponsored by ACRL, and couldn’t go at the last minute because my mom got sick. Fortunately, the Institute leaders and hotel staff were very cooperative and let me attend this year instead with no penalty. The reason I wanted to attend was because... more