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As our professional development blog shows, the ZSR library knows how to do continuing education. I was amazed to see when I logged in to write this post that we have 630 posts dating back to January of 2007 (that is a post almost every other day!) In the theme of ‘If I can learn that much in a three day conference, think about how much I can learn in a semester‘ a few members of the tech team decided to take a dive into some formal coursework in computer science this fall.

We decided to each take a different programming course (Barry is taking Java, Tim is taking Python, JP is taking Java and Erik is taking C++) with the idea that not only would we hone our programming skills but that we would also be able to teach each other about some new languages. While most of us are auditing classes here at WFU (thanks again to our friends in Computer Science), JP decided to take the for-credit plunge and is enrolled at UNCG.

So – If a tech team member seems to disappear the same hour of the day a few times each week this semester you can rest assured that we are working hard over in Manchester or in the CS building at UNCG.