During September 2010

Inside ZSR

Basic Book Repair Workshop, Manteo, NC

On Friday, September 24, my colleague Rachel Hoff and I taught a Basic Book Repair Workshop at the Dare County Library through NCPC. Rachel and I have been teaching workshops together for over five years and we often find that our teaching styles and knowledge work well together as we present our material. Rachel also... more

Scholarly Communication & Liaison Outreach

Today Molly and Mary Beth (and for a while, Lauren C.) watched the ARL-ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication webinar, “Broader Library Involvement in Building Scholarly Communication Programs.” The goal of the webinar was share examples and provide ideas for institutions who wish to involve liaisons in scholarly communication (SC) outreach across campus. This webinar was... more

Vufind, day 2

Day 2 started with some presentations on using web services (Voyager WS for instance), using jQuery to delivery bookbag services, and approaches to integrating collections from multiple catalogs into a single vufind instance. Eric Morgan talked for a few moments about pulling quantitative data from bibliographic and full text information to enable post-discovery analysis of... more

Educause webinar on cloud computing

Today Barry, Kevin, Leslie, Susan, Kevin, Tim and Erik got together for a webinar on how to approach cloud computing decisions. The speaker – Theresa Rowe had a background in IT management at the University/organizational level and discussed her approach in supporting shifts to cloud computing. Theresa discussed three factors including cost savings, service agility... more

Vufind, day 1

The Vufind 2.0 conference day 1 started off with an opening chat by Joe Lucia about the relationship between open source software, open access policies and open data initiatives. He connected these rather current ideas to more traditional notions of libraries (resource stewardship and service for example) and touched on the idea that current trends... more

Vufind 2.0 Conference Day One

The Vufind 2.0 conference officially started this morning at around 9am where participants discussed ways to bring Vufind to the next level in a Vufind version 2.0. The discussion focused on highlighting trends and goals for the future development of the software. The group recognized that a collective effort from different libraries using Vufind will... more

Tech Team hits the books

As our professional development blog shows, the ZSR library knows how to do continuing education. I was amazed to see when I logged in to write this post that we have 630 posts dating back to January of 2007 (that is a post almost every other day!) In the theme of ‘If I can learn... more