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At 6am, Susan, Mary Beth, Roz and I loaded up the ZSR minivan and headed to Philadelphia. Now we are just north of Raleigh near Butner. We are using my iPhone 4 as a mobile hotspot to allow my ThinkPad and Susan’s MacBook Air to connect to the Internet. AT&T now allows iPhone users to enable tethering and use up to 4GB of data per month. While tethering requires users to give up their unlimited data plans, most users (like me) find that 4GB of data is more than sufficient.

One topic of conversation in the van has been the new Amazon Digital Music Locker and Cloud Player for the Web. Just released this week, a cnet article defines says “the Amazon Cloud Drive allows users to upload their digital music files–either AAC or MP3 formats–at their original bit rate to Amazon servers for storage and playback on any Web-connected PC, Mac, or Android device, wherever they are.”

Additionally, some recent articles are reporting that Apple will release a new $20 per year MobileMe service that will include “Locker” a service that, like the Amazon Digital Music Locker. will allow users to store and stream their music.

Now, courtesy of Susan, here is a photo of me writing this blog post!

Giz online in the ZSR Van