During March 2011

Inside ZSR

Roz ACRL Thursday

I usually do conference ‘theme’ posts and I’m still figuring out what my themes will be (spaces and discovery most likely) but for now I’ll mention a few things from today. Breakfast was hosted by Serials Solutions and included presentations from three libraries using Summon, their discovery service. I know it’s not perfect, but each... more

Lynn’s Thursday at ACRL

It is a good thing librarians are organized because you really needed to be organized to choose from the hundreds of programs available at ACRL today. I started off at 8:00 am with a session on Return on Investment (ROI) and other ways to demonstrate the value of a library to its community. Jim Neal... more

Difficult Dialogues

Difficult Dialogues: An Interactive Theatre Performance and Workshop on Heterosexism The Office of the Provost and the Teaching and Learning Center co-sponsored the event. Visiting Artist Dr. Suzanne Burgoyne, Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University of Missouri, and performed by Wake Forest Students. It was a depiction of a student project meeting which hidden... more

Susan Arrives at ACRL Philadelphia

As you probably have read in Giz’s earlier post, we spent the day traveling in the library van from Winston-Salem to Philadelphia to attend the 2011 ACRL conference. It was a great trip, with computing productivity thanks to Giz’s wifi hotspot, frequent brainstorming for future library projects and just plain good conversation. If you are... more

ACRL 2011: Opening Session

I think I say this every time. The great thing about an ACRL conference is that there are no committee meetings or business sessions, just tons of interesting presentations about academic libraries. What a luxury to be free to learn new things! OK, the other good thing about ACRL is that they give ZSR national... more

ACRL 2011: On Route, Discussing Tech Topics

At 6am, Susan, Mary Beth, Roz and I loaded up the ZSR minivan and headed to Philadelphia. Now we are just north of Raleigh near Butner. We are using my iPhone 4 as a mobile hotspot to allow my ThinkPad and Susan’s MacBook Air to connect to the Internet. AT&T now allows iPhone users to... more

Anna at ILLiad Conference

Last week, I attended the 2011 ILLiad Conference in Virginia Beach, VA, from Wednesday, March 23rd, through Friday, March 25th. This was my first experience at an ILLiad conference, and I wanted to share a few things, including updated information about the release of ILLiad 8.1 on April 12, 2011. ILLiad 8.1 will not be... more

Humanities Institute Spring Launch

On March 18, I attended the opening day keynote address for the Humanities Institute Spring Launch. Dr. Edward Ayers, currently president of the University of Richmond, was the speaker. His is a familiar face to me since for many years he served as Hugh P. Kelly Professor of History and Dean of the College of... more

“Humanities in the 21st Century” symposium: Closing Speaker

On Saturday March 19, 2011, I attended the closing session of the WFU Humanities Institute’s inaugural symposium. The session was titled “Are the humanities good for humanity? The aims and place of the humanities in liberal education.” Our guest speaker was Stanley Fish, Davidson-Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Humanities and Law at Florida International University.... more

“Humanities in the 21st Century” symposium: Student panel

On Friday March 18, I attended a symposium marking the launching of WFU’s new Humanities Institute. Because students are the reason we’re all here, the organizers made a deliberate and significant decision to open the symposium with a student panel discussion, on the topic “Perspectives on the future of the humanities at Wake Forest.” The... more