This article is more than 5 years old.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of giving a talk at the American Association of Law Librarians in Philadelphia, PA. Some of you may remember that my last trip to Philly resulted in theft of my phone 🙁 so I exercised my best big-city behavior this time and kept my phone in my pocket – except for a few pictures.

What amazed me about AALL was how it is a highly focused ALA. The vendor hall, as you might expect, is focused very much on law librarians but I did get a chance to connect with a few scanner vendors to talk about their work with ILL and E-Reserves software. I also managed to run into a number of our colleagues from WFU and a few people that I have met at other conferences!

On Sunday I shared the stage with Andrew Pace from OCLC and Roy Balleste from the St. Thomas Law Library. It was interesting to hear from both Andrew, who discussed OCLC services as they related to cloud computing, and Roy, whose library has adopted the OCLC Web-Scale product. There was considerable interest in the audience and I was reminded how important continuations were to law libraries when the first question focused on this issue.

On a side note I had a chance to attend the Voyager Law Users Group meeting while there and got some interesting information about the new mass data change features in Voyager 8 and heard about where Voyager libraries think they are headed (ILS wise) in the coming years. Too much detail for this post but if you are interested stop by!