During July 2011

Inside ZSR

The Preservation Institute at the Library of Congress

To borrow and slightly change a line from Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents, I’d say this workshop was “strong… to very strong.” The Preservation Institute is taught by top specialists from the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress brought out some of their big guns for this week-long workshop. The sessions were held... more

American Association of Law Librarians – 2011

This weekend, I had the pleasure of giving a talk at the American Association of Law Librarians in Philadelphia, PA. Some of you may remember that my last trip to Philly resulted in theft of my phone 🙁 so I exercised my best big-city behavior this time and kept my phone in my pocket –... more

ASERL discovery webinar

Today Lynn, Carolyn, Tim, Steve, Susan, Leslie, Jean-Paul, Kevin and Erik got together to attend the ASERL webinar on discovery services. We hear from Wally Grotophorst at George Mason University and Marshall Breeding at Vanderbilt. Wally talked about the George Mason University experience with Aquabrowser. He discussed some approaches to cross data indexing including just... more

ZSR Library Leadership Retreat: Susan’s Report

On Wednesday morning, five of the members of ZSR Library’s leadership group (Lynn, Wanda, Lauren C., Mary Beth and Susan) left Winston-Salem and headed to Beaufort, NC for the first ever ZSR Library Leadership Retreat. Although we all work closely together and meet regularly through Administrative Council and other in-library venues, we had never had... more

OCLC Resource Sharing User Group Meeting

This afternoon, I participated in the OCLC Resource Sharing User Group Meeting, which was facilitated by OCLC and Atlas staff. The webinar was a follow-up to the User Group Meeting at ALA, but several new tools were introduced. One of the most relevant is the Lender String Report. This assessment tool is used to evaluate... more

Steve at ALA Annual 2011

I’m a bit late in writing up my report about the 2011 ALA in New Orleans, because I’ve been trying to find the best way to explain a statement that profoundly affected my thinking about cataloging. I heard it at the MARC Formats Interest Group session, which I chaired and moderated. The topic of the... more

Derrik at ALA 2011

I felt I had a very productive conference at ALA Annual this year. Once again, the conversations with vendors were the best part. I stayed very busy and came home exhausted. I’m currently on two ALCTS committees-the Acquisitions Section Technology Committee and the ALCTS Task Force on Transforming Collections. The Transforming Collections meeting was covered... more

ALA: The Long Term Impact

This is my last ALA Conference post, and it could have just as well been called Connecting and Working. This was the best ALA conference for me since Chicago, or maybe ever. Part of it was the chance to be involved with things I care a lot about. But a larger part was the people.... more

Carolyn at ALA in New Orleans

As a member of ACRL’s Anthropology and Sociology Section (ANSS), I attended several ANSS sponsored events in New Orleans. The ANSS social was held at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant where I met and dined with other anthropology and sociology librarians. I also went to the Anthropology Discussion Librarians Group where such topics as... more

Molly “Emerged” at ALA

Much of my ALA experience in New Orleans can be summarized in a list of “firsts”: – first time at an ALA Annual conference (Midwinter was my first ALA anything!); – first time presenting at a poster presentation (which I did twice!); – first time attending a full ACRL Scholarly Communications Committee meeting (long (4... more