My main objective for this year’s NCLA conference was to participate in a panel discussion with colleagues Mary Beth Lock, Hu Womack and Meghan Webb. In our presentation, we shared the variety of programming ZSR Library is doing that supports the University’s Thrive initiative. The audience was receptive and engaged in the topic, so we judged our effort a success!

I also enjoyed attending presentations given by other ZSR faculty – Wanda participated in the opening session keynote panel which discussed the state of North Carolina libraries and Mary Scanlon and Mary Beth Lock teamed up with Mary Krautter from UNCG to talk about entrepreneurial librarians.

NCLA Conference Opening Session

Concurrent Session

One presentation by other UNCG colleagues, Beth Bernhardt and Karen Stanley Grigg was of interest to report. They talked about their project where they offered Open Education Resources mini-grants for faculty to develop no-cost alternatives to textbooks. They partnered with the Provost’s Office to offer the grants. They received 25 applications for the grants and they awarded 10 $1000 grants. They estimate that they saved students $140,000 through the $10,000 investment.