Last month I attended my first NCLA. While I had previously worked in NC libraries for 16 years and been a past president of the Society of NC Archivists, I had never taken advantage of this great networking opportunity before. In Greensboro I reconnected with old colleagues (including one from Penn State), saw one of my former professors honored, and met new colleagues. I also learned that Wanda Brown is truly a NCLA rock star and got to enjoy being at a conference with my new ZSR colleagues.

One of the things I like to do when attending a conference is tweet. I find it helps me focus and is similar to taking notes. Here are some of my tweets from NCLA:

In her remarks at the keynote address, Wanda “called out” all the academic library directors and deans to support their librarians’ participation in NCLA. I’m glad we had a strong presence and will encourage us all to be active members and leaders of NCLA!