What Can Comm Comm Do For You?

The Communications Committee (CommComm) would like to remind you of who we are, what we do, and most importantly how we can help you communicate to your intended audience.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee promotes ZSR library services, resources, and facilities to Wake Forest students, faculty, and staff, as well as the broader Winston-Salem community. The Committee identifies, fosters, and sustains various communication channels to strengthen the library’s visibility and value within the larger university community.

  • Chris Burris
  • Kevin Gilbertson
  • Celeste Holcomb
  • Summer Krstevska
  • Mika Payden-Travers
  • Rebecca Petersen May (chair)
  • Melde Rutledge

Communications Portal

Intended as a “one stop shop” for all of your communications needs, this Communications Portal contains the Library Events Calendar, information on ZSR blogs, logos and templates, and marketing and promotion help. Our most recent additions to the Communications Portal includes: how to reserve a room in ZSR, listservs and how to use them,  and tips and tricks for planning events. If there is any information you would like added to the Communications Portal, please reach out!

Library Events Calendar

The Library Events Calendar is a master calendar to track all events happening in the library. This helps everyone track and plan for events in ZSR.

Digital Signage

There are multiple digital signs round the library for promotional use. The Digital Bulletin Board Request form (linked from the Communications Portal AND the ZSR Social Media page) is an easy way to submit information to be shared on ZSR’s digital signage.

Social Media

ZSR Library and ZSR Special Collections & Archives are very active on a variety of social media platforms. You can see all of these listed on the ZSR Social Media page. There is also a ZSR Social Media Posting Request form that we can share with outside entities OR if you have a great social media idea you think we should share.

CommComm is here to help your events, exhibits, and outreach succeed. Please use these tools, or reach out to CommComm members with ideas of how we can help you better communicate with your audience!

4 Comments on ‘What Can Comm Comm Do For You?’

  1. Hubert Womack

    I love the Communications Portal! I use it all the time! Thanks for all the great work CommComm does to make marketing ZSR Outreach events so easy!

  2. Carrie Johnston

    This is super helpful! Thank you, Rebecca and Comm Comm!

  3. Denice Lewis

    Thank you for the detailed information!

  4. Stephanie

    A very comprehensive guide to what Comm Comm does and how it helps us – thank you for providing this and the portal!