The ZSR Recognitions: Thank a Colleague! program provides an opportunity for employees to submit a note of thanks to their colleagues. These can be for going above and beyond, helping a job get done, general appreciation, or any reason thanks can be given! Here are those who’ve been recognized in the past month.

Carol CramerWhen I mentioned in passing that I had a student and a faculty member who really needed our forthcoming database access to the Winston Salem Journal/Twin City Sentinel, Carol got us a trial subscription while the contract is in process! Both the faculty member and student were elated to have this access! Many thanks, Carol!Hu Womack
Elizabeth EllisElizabeth graciously picked up a WRI 111 research instruction session for me when I was double-booked. Thanks so much for helping out, Elizabeth! 🙂Meghan Webb
Hu WomackHu kindly offered to assist in troubleshooting Zotero issues in two WRI 111 research instruction sessions that I led on Friday, Feb. 17th. Thanks so much for stepping in to assist with Zotero triage, Hu (and for sharing your Zotero hot tips) 🙂Meghan Webb
Barry DavisI recently had an elderly donor donate her husband’s book to us (a history of Baptists)–the files were so old, they were protected and I couldn’t download or print them. Barry came through and updated the files so they could be used. Thanks Barry!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Craig FanslerCraig shared a supply of his gorgeous letterpress bookmarks for us to give away with our Little Free Library offerings at the Spring Equinox Festival on Sunday, March 19th. Thanks so much, Craig! Your bookmarks received tons of compliments 🙂Meghan Webb
Hu WomackHu was a huge help in shuttling a large collection of books to and from Campus Gardens for the Spring Equinox Festival on Sunday, March 19th. Thanks so much for helping with the heavy-lifting, Hu! 🙂Meghan Webb