By Molly Keener

Inside ZSR

Molly at the ACC Academic Leaders Network

The morning of Thursday, March 10 found me driving through the mountains of southwestern Virginia en route to Virginia Tech for the first of three meetings of the 2022 ACC Academic Leaders Network (ALN) leadership development program. Converging in Blacksburg were 70 leaders representing all 15 ACC schools, gathered to spend 2.5 days together learning... more

Molly at Charleston 2021

Early November once again found me in Charleston, SC for the annual Charleston Conference. This was the last conference I attended before the pandemic hit, so it is fitting that it is the first in-person conference to return. As others have noted, this year’s conference was hybrid, replete with the hiccups and headaches of virtual... more

Perspectives from CNI 2021 Spring Meeting

I have long wanted to attend the biannual CNI meetings, as they offer a range of sessions pertinent to scholarly communication and digital scholarship. Thanks to Dean Tim Pyatt’s invitation to be a ZSR representative at this spring’s virtual meeting, I was able to “go.” Spanning two weeks in March, this CNI meeting was a... more

Going Public Online Conference

On Thursday, March 26th, Heather and Molly attended the half-day online conference, Going Public: Opening Scholarship to All, hosted by the University of Washington. Although the primary audience was UW librarians and researchers, the conference was open to anyone who wished to participate. Despite the shift to Zoom (which allowed us to participate, happily), the... more

Molly at the Charleston Conference

By now you’ve already read about this year’s Charleston Conference from the four other ZSRians who attended earlier this month. I won’t rehash any of the sessions they discussed that I too attended. Rather, I’ll share highlights from the scholarly communication focus of my Charleston experience. When I first attended Charleston in 2008, it was... more

Molly at NCLA 2019

Attending the NCLA 2019 Biennial Conference, along with a host of ZSR colleagues plus hundreds of library staff from across the state and region, makes for a fun, insightful three days. This year’s conference is the best NCLA I’ve attended to date. As with any conference, there are sessions affirming what you know, sessions generating... more

Molly at CUP and UIPO 2019

Within two weeks in late May and early June, I attended an alphabet soup of two meetings: CUP NALAB in NYC and UIPO in ATL. I promise that we did not conduct all of our business in acronyms and initialisms, although as librarians, we did rely on our insider jargon. Below are highlights from both... more

Molly at ACRL

It was great to be back at an ACRL Conference after an 8 year hiatus. I repeatedly wondered why I let myself miss the past three conferences as I reconnected with colleagues and friends from elsewhere, attended thought-provoking sessions, and enjoyed exploring a new-to-me city. The energy and excitement of a *big* conference are rejuvenating... more

Molly at the NC Serials Conference

Last Monday, April 1, found me experiencing something new! I attended the NC Serials Conference in Chapel Hill, where I gave the closing keynote. When invited last fall, my initial reaction was, “who me?!”, but with Chris Burris’s and Steve Kelley’s welcome encouragement, I accepted. It was fun, and challenging, to prep a talk that... more

Library Assessment Conference

The first week of December found me down in Houston for the Library Assessment Conference. Held biennially, this was my first time attending LAC – along with many, many others – and my first time in Houston. As I was attending on behalf of the Assessment Committee, I went to sessions that covered the breadth... more