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Technology Equipment

Available for Checkout

The following items are available for checkout from The Bridge. For more information about checkout, see our Multimedia Checkout Policy.

Tablets and e-Readers

The Bridge has a number of Apple iPads available for checkout. These iPads come with a set of preloaded apps and other content. Patrons may sync the iPad to their personal iTunes account to access other items on the iTunes store, as well as register the device with personal email and calendars, etc. Checkout period is one week.

The Bridge also has each of the most popular e-Readers on the market: the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony Reader Touch. Each comes with a load of starter ebooks; additional content may be purchased by registering the device to your own relevant account. Each device is unregistered upon return. Checkout period is one week.

Video and Still Cameras, Tripods

The Bridge has a number of digital still cameras available for checkout. Each camera will come with a USB sync cable for copying photos to a computer.

The Bridge also has a number of video cameras available for checkout, both hard-drive and mini DV tape models. We also have a number of Flip Cams and webcams available for checkout, along with Apple iPod Touches that have built-in cameras as well.

Tripods are available for checkout, both full-sized and mini Gorrilapods for use with our camera equipment.

All cameras have a checkout period of three days. Overdue fines will be enforced after this period.

Voice Recorders, Webcams, and Microphones

The Bridge has a number of digital voice recorders available for checkout. These are great for interviews or audio podcasts. Audio files are saved as .mp3 or .wav files and transferred via USB cable to your computer. Checkout period is three days.

Webcams are also available for checkout. Please make sure to download the appropriate drivers for the webcam before plugging it into your computer via USB.

We also have a number of USB microphones for use with your computer.

LCD Projectors and Screens

The Bridge has a number of LCD projectors for checkout. Checkout period is three days. The projectors include a VGA cable for hooking your laptop computer up to the projector for presentations or group collaboration. The Bridge does not provide cables for hooking up DVD players or video game consoles to our projectors. Also, the projectors do not have built-in TV tuners, meaning you will not be able to project TV broadcasts without some other form of input, such as a VCR.

Portable screens are also available for checkout.

Various Other Devices

The Bridge also has several other pieces of equipment for checkout. These include:


Clickers are an audience response system perfect for taking polls and such in class or group activities. Please contact the Coordinator of Multimedia and Digital Production Services for information and training regarding the use of the clickers.

VGA Adapters for Apple Products

The Bridge has several VGA adapters for use with our projectors and smartboards around the library, enabling students, faculty, and staff that wish to use a Mac to access these items. We also have iPad-to-VGA adapters, though iPad projection is only available on a select number of apps.

Powerpoint Presenters with laser pointers

These devides plug into the USB port of your computer and allow you to advance Powerpoint slides. Also they have a built-in laser pointer. Checkout is for up to three days.

GPS Unit

Designed for geo-caching, a modern day hide-and-seek game. There are several geo-caches in the area around campus!

Legacy Equipment

The Bridge has a VCR, slide projector, and mini-tape recorder available for checkout for up to three days.

Multimedia Checkout Policy

Multimedia equipment is available for checkout at The Bridge in Z. Smith Reynolds Library.  Equipment can be checked out by Wake Forest students, faculty and staff with a Wake Forest ID card. The party checking out equipment will be held responsible for damage, loss, or theft, and a replacement fee may be charged.

The Bridge is not responsible for personal data left on devices.  Any data should be copied and/or removed from the device before its return.  Please see The Bridge for assistance.

Equipment will come packaged with needed accessories and will need to be returned with the equipment.  Fees will be charged for each day overdue, up to $10 per day.  Checkout period is 3 days for most items, with tablets having an extended checkout of 7 days and eReaders 14 days.  Extended checkouts should be requested from Bridge staff ahead of time.  Please contact Barry Davis, davijb@wfu.edu, with any questions.

If you have any questions, please contact Multimedia & Digital Production at 336-758-6172.