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Why We’re Dropping Google Analytics

Like most libraries, ZSR strongly believes in protecting the privacy of the scholars and researchers who use our collections and services. Our privacy policy puts it this way: “When you use our library, it is nobody’s business but your own what you read or research.” Our commitment to user privacy is backed up by the... Continue reading “Why We’re Dropping Google Analytics”

New Video Efforts

One of my goals for my first year is to do a complete refresh of all of the content in the Toolkit. In my role serving online students, I understand the power of video in teaching library tools and selling the library as the place to go for research assistance, technology training, and self-help. Having... Continue reading “New Video Efforts”

Technology Services and Special Collections Visit ECU

On Friday, May 28, Barry, Craig, Erik, Jean-Paul, Megan, and I visited East Carolina University in Greenville to spend some time with their Digital Collections unit and Special Collections department. After introductions, Digital Collections unit head Gretchen Gueguen gave us an overview of the origin and initiatives of the unit. Like ZSR, digitization projects at... Continue reading “Technology Services and Special Collections Visit ECU”

New discovery interface for library resources

On Wednesday the Z. Smith Reynolds Library implemented a new discovery system for their library collections. The system, developed initially by Villanova University, employs innovative indexing and searching techniques to help patrons find and interact with library resources. This new tool adds the ability for patrons to discover new relationships between resources through the use... Continue reading “New discovery interface for library resources”

Biblio Social Software

Yesterday we held the inaugural Emerging Technologies Talk for the staff development committee. Our plan is to host a monthly discussion (two weeks off from the journal group) on new and emerging technologies. To get us off to a good start I though I’d go with something that people in the library would be interested... Continue reading “Biblio Social Software”

A Visit With UNCG

Today some of the RITS team members, Kevin, Kaeley, Sarah, and I, traveled to UNC-G to meet with reference librarians interested in technology at Jackson Library. It was a good meeting with a turnout of about 12 library staff members between UNCG and WFU. The conversation was casual, with short demonstrations of some of the... Continue reading “A Visit With UNCG”