Special Collections & Archives would like to continue highlighting the extensive work that our student assistants do on a daily basis. Senior Kelli Johnson has worked in Special Collections & Archives for four years. Here’s a little something she wrote describing the work she does in Special Collections & Archives.

I’m Kelli Johnson and I’m a senior math major at WFU. I have been working for Special Collections since I was a freshman. My typical work day is spent staffing the reference desk assisting patrons who come in to research Special Collections materials. In addition to working at the desk I work on various projects. Currently, I am working on listing the contents of a large donated collection and de-accessioning duplicate and irrelevant materials. Once that process is complete, I will then condense the materials into fewer boxes.¬† When the materials are arranged, I will be updating the collection spreadsheet and working to identify and label materials. Eventually the collection will be processed and added to our permanent collections. In the past, I have also worked on updating CRMF (Church Record Microfilm) files and re-uploading their EAD to the website, in addition to moving collections in the stacks.

Kelli has been an invaluable addition to our team and an excellent member of our student work force at the reference desk. She does a wonderful job interacting with patrons on our public service desk, and is thorough and professional in her projects. Many thanks to Kelli and all of our student assistants for their hard work in making Special Collections & Archives so successful!