The school year has closed with Commencement Exercises on Monday, but here in Special Collections and Archives we are hard at work. This time of year, since our students are all off with summer adventures, I am checking on and closing out projects that they’ve completed across the semester. Frequently, in addition to the work of our student assistants, a few outstanding details still need an archivist’s touch (I can spot a misspelled “memorandum” from 10 feet away) or expertise, for example assuring unusual items are described and housed properly, before a collection finding aid can be published to the web. While I am still wrapping up the last of this semester’s work, I’m happy to say that, as usual, Special Collections workers were able to update or publish a number of finding aids this semester.

Recently published or updated collections from this semester include:

University record collections that have been recently published or updated include:

If you have records to add to your organizations, please let us know – and if you’re not sure, read more about records transfers! Happy researching.