Exhibit Space Policy


Exhibitions in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library are designed to highlight significant library, university, local, or national events, art, or scholarship and may also relate to the library’s resources or the general interest of its patrons. As such, displays serve to foster debate and discussion on a wide range of issues, and some displays may be discomfiting to the viewer.

Library exhibitions will be informative, educational, or aesthetic. The subject matter will be appropriate to the interests of the general academic community, and presented on a level appropriate for a university library. The Library will ensure that the physical presentation of the intellectual content presents narratives in a visually compelling way.

In accordance with the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library will not exclude exhibitions “because of origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.” Likewise, exhibition material will not be “proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.” The library makes exhibition spaces available “on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs, affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”


All requests for exhibit spaces will be made through our online request form wherein we identify the scope of the exhibit, any existing linkage to other programs (library, campus, local, or national), the size of the exhibit, any environmental conditions necessary to support it, and the date and duration that the exhibit is requested to be on display. Once received, the exhibit request will be reviewed by the Exhibition Review Committee. Photos or examples of the exhibit material may also be requested for review. Acceptance of an exhibit request will be determined within 4 weeks of submission. Exhibition proposals submitted at least 6 months in advance are more likely to be successful due to space and scheduling constraints.

The Committee welcomes exhibition proposals in these formats: photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and research projects. The expectation of the Committee is that applicants will have a clear proposal that includes a compelling and feasible project that will fit appropriately in dedicated exhibit space in the library. Exhibits that require electricity cannot be supported at this time. The Committee also expects that the exhibitor will ensure necessary labels and signage will provide context. If support is needed for labels, signage, installation materials, etc, please explicitly include that information in the request. Exhibitors should also be prepared to assist in the installation and de-installation of their exhibit.