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Reel Life – restored

A few weeks back, I was happy to begin some work on Special Collections materials in Preservation. I grabbed a few likely suspects off the shelf and opened one: this was a thick volume of bound magazines entitled Reel Life: A Weekly Magazine of Kinetic Drama and Literature. This project by Mr. Clarence Herbert New... more

A Civil War Gem found in the Archives (by Vicki, Craig and Rebecca)

A story within a story, three members of the Special Collections and Archives team recount the discovery, preservation, and access of an exciting and well-traveled gem from the collection. We hope readers will enjoy the story and keep the relevance and enduring nature of the “Lebanon Greys” alive for at least another century! Vicki: It... more

Preservation Week

This is Preservation Week. April 24-30 is designated by the American Library Association as Preservation Week. The idea of having Preservation Week is to call attention to the value and care for our cultural resources. Many institutions have crumbling collections with no plan or resources to care for them. The week gives everyone an opportunity... more

Hoffman posters….the preservation of

In October, I excitedly accepted dozens of posters from the Gertrude Hoffman Collection. These turn of the last century posters were wonderful and also brittle after being folded inside a trunk for many years. I’ve finally seen a light at the end of this tunnel and delivered 4 encapsulated posters to the closed stacks today.... more

Preservation of the Gertrude Hoffman posters

Last fall, we uncovered a cache of posters in a trunk. I blogged about this material in our Special Collections blog in October. Gertrude Hoffman (1880-1955) was a dancer in the early 20th century who traveled internationally with her troupe of dancers called The Hoffman Girls. Gertrude Hoffman was married to Max Hoffman (1875-1963), a... more

Disbinding Biblical Recorders

Preservation is in the middle of a huge new initiative. We’re “disbinding” many bound volumes of the Biblical Recorder from the 19th century. The loose newspaper sheets will then be packaged and sent to be scanned, a project for which we received a grant. Disbinding involves scraping off spine linings and residual adhesives to allow... more

Restoration of the Clarence Herbert New Scrapbooks

We’ve unearthed over 20 scrapbooks from the Clarence Herbert New Collection. These scrapbooks are from trips Mr. New took from 1890-1926 as he vacationed in Maine and around the world. Many of the scrapbooks also have his collections of cartoons, theater programs and newspaper articles he liked. He was very organized and even typed up... more

The Things We Find in Our Trunks!

I unfolded one of the Hoffman posters this afternoon-wow! It was in 4 parts and takes up my entire office floor! This will be a preservation feat! Gertrude Hoffman (1880-1955) was a well known dancer and choreographer, who was actually arrested for indecency in 1909 after dancing Salome in New York City. She danced on... more

Encapsulating Baptist Youth Convention photos

The ever flexible and trustworthy Brittany Newberry has been encapsulating photos. This is a process of sandwiching an flat item between two pieces of mylar. This allows patrons to see these images and not damage them or get them dirty. These Baptist Youth Convention photos are all from the 1920’s and 1930’s and were taken... more

Archival Boxes – we’re crankin’ em out!

Brittany Newberry has really taken to making archival boxes. This is a stack of boxes awaiting cataloging that Brittany has made in the past few weeks. These boxes protect fragile materials while making them available to patrons. more