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Formal presentation: Promoting Higher-Level Processing: Evidence-Based Support for Student-Created Digital Learning Objects (Robert Crow)

  • Test to see if elaboration is working
  • Can learn through different modes: image, text, etc,
  • Learning Objects
    • Any entity, digital or non-digital which can be used, reused, or referneced…
    • Deliverable over internet
    • Merlot used eSkeletons as an example
  • Based on Elaboration Theory
    • Essay writing activity
    • Narrated PowerPoint, Camtasia, podcasting, use many modalities
  • Grading was a challenge. Crow’s way of dealing with it was to grade by slide.
  • Did a study correlating experimental and control groups with overall GPA, etc.
    • Used tests on concepts to get numbers
  • Best correlation, Yes, having students construct learning object was a valid way to get them to hold onto concept over a longer period of time