During March 2007

Inside ZSR

Dinner with Debbie at ACRL

I met Debbie for dinner last night in Baltimore so that we could both catch up with what was going on in our respective libraries. She drove us to the Little Italy section of town, which has fabulous Italian restaurants. We chose one based on the availability of their gated parking lot, and discovered it... more

Lynn at ACRL

Here we are in the land of MoreBalts, as Bill likes to call it. The city is crowded, congested, and undergoing massive construction projects, from what I can see along E. Pratt Ave. Opening Session – Michael Eric Dyson When I attended the Wake Forest convocation with Leonard Pitts last fall, I thought it was... more

Women’s History Symposium

Old Salem is certainly among the most apt of locations for conferences and symposia pertaining to the history of the early American South, and on March 9, I attended a day-long symposium there devoted to the achievements of “Working Women of the Early South.” Presenters from Old Salem Museums and Gardens figured prominently, but speakers... more

unc-tlt wrap up

The UNC TLT conference was a good one! There were a wide variety of programs, some more geared towards things that we’re doing than others. Some were really good at this point in time (like the Learning Commons presentation NCSU did) and others resonated with things that I’ve worked on in the past and inspired... more

learning commons

Demonstration: The Learning Commons: Creating and Sustaining a Student-Focused Learning Space (Joe Williams, Janelle Joseph) Background Learning Commons: social, friendly, inviting, support learning Access to resources, images, ideas, inspiration, research support, productivity support (applications, etc), as well as social components Renovation of East Wing Involved students, faculty, staff Floor plan You can see the PowerPoint... more

student production of multimedia learning solutions

Panel discussion: Tapping Student Resources to Produce Multimedia Learning Solutions (Amanda Robertson, Mike Cuales, David Howard, Ben Huckaby, David Shew) Explained development of DELTA Recognition of top design students, hired them Have 9 interns, treat as part-time staff, to support multimedia solutions for professors Commit to good training for students in areas they want Creative... more

staying ahead of the curve

Plenary session: Staying Ahead of the Curve: The Open Croquet Consortium, (Marilyn Lombardi) “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Alan Kay What is the future of online education we want? Where is your teenager now? Harbinger of social change Pass around ideas like social items Multitasking Online socialization Participatory... more

Cristina at the 2007 ILLiad International Users Meeting

On March 14th, Heather and I went to the 10th OCLC ILLiad International Users Meeting in Virginia Beach for a two day conference, where Atlas system is headquartered. According to their website, “Atlas Systems was founded in July of 1995 as a software development company. After the launch of ILLiad in 1999, Atlas has been... more

evidence-based support for student-created learning objects

Formal presentation: Promoting Higher-Level Processing: Evidence-Based Support for Student-Created Digital Learning Objects (Robert Crow) Test to see if elaboration is working Can learn through different modes: image, text, etc, Learning Objects Any entity, digital or non-digital which can be used, reused, or referneced… Deliverable over internet Merlot used eSkeletons as an example Based on Elaboration... more

online instruction

Formal presentation: Effective Practices for Online Instruction (Laura Rogers) Focus on constructivist principles Want a lot of interactive, thoughtful conversations, thinking transformed through interaction ePedagogy interest group in TLT maybe an eLearning coach for faculty? Demo-ed Second Life more