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Panel discussion: Tapping Student Resources to Produce Multimedia Learning Solutions (Amanda Robertson, Mike Cuales, David Howard, Ben Huckaby, David Shew)

  • Explained development of DELTA
  • Recognition of top design students, hired them
  • Have 9 interns, treat as part-time staff, to support multimedia solutions for professors
  • Commit to good training for students in areas they want
  • Creative with budget & location for student workers… sometimes hired/paid by department, but supervised by DELTA
  • Students bring in good, new ideas about what’s really going on
  • Students have good insight into student experience & help build relationships across campus
  • Students get good, real-world experience
  • Students get to be project managers on small scale projects, get management process experience
  • Saves faculty time, lets students work directly with faculty
  • Even simple flashcards and glossaries made major improvements
  • Students paid 8-12 dollars per hour. Also gearing up for a credit version (for folks within their own subject).