By Lauren Pressley

Inside ZSR

Lauren P. at ALA Midwinter

I love ALA and governance work. I love LITA and my colleagues in that organization. I love conferences. And I love Seattle (more than any other city). I spent last Thursday through this Tuesday at the conference, getting only the smallest amount of time to see anything beyond the ALA campus, and still it was... more

Lauren P. at Fall ALA Joint Boards Meeting

Not unlike many of us, I spent two days last week in meetings. The difference? That these were 8 hours meetings held over Friday and Saturday. And they were in Chicago. Last Annual conference the LITA Board of Directors voted to add me to the executive committee (ExCo) of LITA. The executive committee meets two... more

A Triangle Road Trip

Last Friday, Joy, Kyle, and Lauren took a trip to the Triangle to visit with instruction librarians at NCSU, Duke, and UNC-Ch. It was a great day for us, and we really enjoyed getting to know our colleagues doing similar work from across the state. Perhaps the most striking thing about the visits is the... more

Lauren at Elon’s Teaching & Learning Conference

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Elon University Teaching and Learning Conference. I have gotten to go to this several times and always take away something useful from it. Last year it was threshold concepts. This year it was the power of slowing down and reflecting. Not that I had to be... more

Lauren P at ALA2012

This was my second ALA in Anaheim. The main thing I remembered about the last conference that was held there was that I had a very hard time making it to events on time. The blocks in Anaheim are longer than they appear on a map, and hotels are very spread out. Luckily, this time,... more

Lauren P. at Reynolda House

I love getting the chance to speak with non-library audiences about what libraries do, and was fortunate to have the opportunity to do just that a little over a week ago. I was invited to speak on a panel for a National Advisory Council meeting of the Reynolda House Museum of American Art about how... more

The Future of Education: The Horizon Project Retreat

Immediately following ALA, I was extremely lucky to be able to attend The Future of Education: The Horizon Project’s Tenth Year Retreat. Since I first learned of the Horizon Project, I have been impressed with it. It’s an annual report, with editions for higher education, k-12 education, and museums, about the technologies that are on... more

Lauren P. at Midwinter: LITA

January/February has been an unusually busy conference season for me, leading much of my work time to be focused on catching up in the office. I’m just now getting a chance to process some of my experiences and blog them. Look for posts this week about LITA, Horizon, and Lilly South! I’m going in chronological... more

Lauren P’s Midwinter: ALA Council

I’m going to break up my ALA report into two posts centered around my two main responsibilities at Midwinter: ALA Council and LITA Board of Directors. This is the Council post. I’d only been to Dallas to visit with family before, so this was my first significant visit to downtown Dallas. The thing that surprised... more

NC-LITe comes to ZSR

On Friday we were fortunate to have the pleasure to host the semi-annual NC-LITe event. NC-Library Instruction TEchnology is a group that has been steadily growing and evolving since it’s beginnings in March 2008, when Steve Cramer reached out to us so that UNCG and WFU could share the interesting work we were doing with... more