By Lauren Pressley

Inside ZSR

Lauren P. at ALAO

Last week, in the middle of this crazy semester, I took a few days to present at ALAO. I’m still catching up, but it was also nice to have a bit of a breather! 🙂 ALAO is the Academic Library Association of Ohio. They hold an annual one-day conference on issues related to academic libraries,... more

eBooks Summit

Today, in the screening room, people drifted in and out to watch parts of the Digital Shift‘s eBook Summit, Ebooks: The New Normal. The event was cosponsored by Library Journal and School Library Journal and was an all-day conference. We heard the opening keynote, and then followed the academic library track. This track included a... more

Lauren P. at NCLA

Last week I was fortunate to have the opportunity to present for two NCLA events. The first was for Everybody Teaches: Creating effective online e-learning experiences with Beth Filar Williams and Amy Archambault. I got to know Amy late last year, as she’s a former Instructional Designer who is now working on a MLIS at... more

Elon’s Teaching and Learning Conference

Yesterday was the 8th annual Elon Teaching and Learning Conference and the theme this year was “Thresholds to Learning.” Joy and I drove down together for the day. As always, it was a great event. I’m always surprised at the quality of presentations given that it’s both local and free. I’ll send something out next... more

Lauren at LYRASIS Ideas and Insights

Yesterday I participated in LYRASIS’ Ideas and Insights series. It was a really good event. The theme was Positioning Your Library in the Mobile Ecosystem: Content and Delivery. It was a rather small group, 25, but two were from out of the state, and for this time of year it wasn’t too bad. I was... more

ALA: The Long Term Impact

This is my last ALA Conference post, and it could have just as well been called Connecting and Working. This was the best ALA conference for me since Chicago, or maybe ever. Part of it was the chance to be involved with things I care a lot about. But a larger part was the people.... more

Evolution of an ALA Attendee

My last ALA post was about programs and how I didn’t get to see too many, so this post is about the reason why and it’s the leadership post. (One more post to go!) One of the neatest things about ALA is that it is a conference for anyone with any interest in libraries or... more

ALA Programs

This conference, for me, was about meetings meetings meetings. At this point, even though I’m still here tomorrow, I only have meetings left to go. I didn’t get to attend many of the types of sessions that I’ve attended on and blogged about in the past. So in thinking about how I wanted to report... more


Yesterday Mary Beth, Mary Scanlon, Sarah, Kaeley, Barry, and I went to NCSU for an NC-LITe meeting. This gathering has evolved quite a bit in the past few years. The first meet up was at UNCG, when Steve Cramer got in touch to see if we wanted to share information about some of the new... more

#THATCamp: an unconference

Speaking of conferences that have a lasting impact: I had the good fortune to attend THATCamp over the weekend. THATCamp stands for The Humanities and Technology Camp which essentially means the topics focus on digital humanities. The event is an unconference. The unconference is a really neat format if you’re comfortable with ambiguity. Participants had... more